Ministry Retreats

Our heart is to provide a place for ministers to relax, to refresh and to remember their first love.  Being in ministry can be exhausting- dangerously so if you don’t walk away and recharge.  The Word says in the last days, satan will do his best to wear out the saints- we are doing our best to refresh the saints.

Let’s take time away and meditate on why you entered the ministry to begin with; let’s take time to restore the joy of our salvation; let’s sit and bathe in the lavishing love of the Father; let’s worship and praise with abandon; let’s cast all our cares on the Father for He cares FOR you. Let’s take time to rest and enjoy quiet time away from everyone else. And let’s eat some awesome food!

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Retreats for Families

Family is ministry in itself. It requires intentional decisions for happy memories to be made, it requires focus and nurturing.  Just like minsters, families can get worn out- there is TOO much to DO and not enough time to enjoy each other. It is our desire to provide a place to unplug and enjoy your family; to worship together, to play together, to eat meals together and to connect together.

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Weekend Retreats

It is such a critical time in a young person’s journey.  Teaching young people who they are in Christ and providing a strong Biblical foundation during this stage in life is critical. At Logan Ranch Camp, young people will enjoy powerful worship, life changing teaching, recreational time and great food.

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