Camp Construction Progress

Logan Ranch Camp and Church @ the Camp are currently under construction. 

We’ve made HUGE progress this year:

  • The first camp cabin was delivered February 1st
  • The 6750 square foot slab was poured March 8th
  • The steel began going up March 29th
  • interior framing began May 6th
  • interior plumbing and electrical began June 5th
  • HVAC began going in mid June
  • interior foaming went in early July
  • Interior wall construction began August 7th
  • Kitchen equipment was delivered August 23rd
  • The front deck was built late August
  • The paint and trim were being finished up September 18th
  • The kitchen installation began September 25th

All we have left is the kitchen to be installed, the plumbing fixtures to be put in and the final varnish on the floors….then we will be ready for CHURCH and RETREATS.